File Extension Ofx

The .ofx file extension belongs to two different file types; the first one being an Olicom Fax image and the other being a financial data file used with the most common financial management software. The latter is the more widely used of the two, but just in case you need to know the explanation of the former is included here.


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Olicom is a hardware manufacturer that supplies fax modems to the computer industry. When a fax is received through and Olicom modem the default format for saving the image is .ofx. The software included with the modem should provide an interface allowing you to open these files, though there's no guarantee they can be saved in another format. There are third party graphics programs which will do the task for you, including a free-ware package by the name of XnView. This nifty piece of software will load almost any image format and allow you to modify the image, as well as convert it to a new format. It also allows for re-sizing, cropping, filters, effects, and much more. It fully supports the .ofx format, so you'll be able to convert those Olicom faxes to a more usable format.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Ofx

Moving on the the more popular financial file, the .ofx (Open Financial Exchange) and it's older brother the .ofc (Open Financial Connectivity) are file formats that aid in online banking. The .ofc is pretty outdated and not used by many software packages released after 2006 or so. It's a common file format that can be used by Microsoft Money, Quicken, KMyMoney, GnuCash, and Money Dance. It is a standard format so just about every bank and financial institution uses it as well. It's important to note however, that the .ofx is not the native file format used by financial management software to store information on the hard drive. If you were to look in the Quicken directory for instance, you would notice that the data files have the file extension .QIF. Likewise, the format for Money is .mny and for KMyMoney it's .kmny. The .ofx file format is the format used to exchange information online with your financial institution.

With the .ofx format, the information can be transferred in a one-way or two-way operation. For the one-way operation the user is only downloading information from a financial institution. Your monthly banking and credit card statements are good examples. With the two-way operation, the user is engaged in online banking with the financial institution. In this case, the user's financial management software utilizes the PC's internet connection and logs on to the bank's server. The user is able to seamlessly conduct his banking right within his financial management software. As an added bonus, most software packages that use the .ofx also have the ability to export and import the information. That's helpful should the user decide to switch to a new software package.

Importing an .ofx into your current software is as easy as clicking on "file"and "import". That's the standard for most operating systems. Be aware however, that while importing an .ofx into your financial management software is possible, the importation is almost never perfect. While the format of the file is standard across all platforms, the GUI varies among different platforms and software packages. You may find after importing that some of your data ended up in the wrong column. It might be necessary to clean up the files after you import them.

A final warning about the .ofx. Since it's used in online banking, there's always the risk of having your data stolen. Be sure your anti-virus and spyware packages are up to date, use a firewall to protect your network, and if you're using wireless be sure the network is secure.

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